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#1 Wholesale Distributor of Health and Beauty Products from Europe

Wholesale experience

  • 5 years of successful work on the wholesale market
  • We have over 200 wholesale partners in 45 states of the USA
  • Our catalog includes more than 100 brands

What we provide our distributors with

Quality products

Quality of the goods is established by the manufacturer. Certificates of Quality Standards conformity with the American standards and the manufacturing country.

Order Formation

Advice regarding products and manufacturer selection. Help with the order formation. Full product information from the manufacturer upon request


Shipping all over the United States with FedEx, UPS and other shipping companies.
International shipments. Special discounts at the start.

Do you need more information?
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Become a Distributor

If you want to become our wholesale customer, please leave your request and our specialists will contact you within one business day.

Or call us at +1 212 444 8982

Become a Distributor

“We have worked with RussianShoppe for the past 5 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that RussianShoppe know us and our business and alwasy offer the best for us.”