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Modern, Natural, Inexpensive

CJSC Twins Tech, founded in 1999, now feels very confident in the Russian market. In just 2 years after introduction of the first cosmetic line, the Company has become the owner of a certificate for excellent quality. Then the employees of Twins Tech decided that they could shoulder much more larger projects.

A Wide Range of Production

These days, the Company has produced more than 500 kinds of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The catalog contains the following solutions:

  • Dietary supplements.
  • Anti-cellulite creams and refinishers.
  • Creams for foot care and different types of face skin.
  • Medical shampoos.
  • Gels and balms for the body with a curative effect.
  • Baby creams: healing from diaper rash, sun-protective, from cold and for daily care.
  • Shampoos-conditioners and masks-conditioners for different hair types.
  • Creams-balms and healing combination herbal medicinal products, made according to the prescription of a folk healer Nicolay Maznev.
  • Gels, balms for feet and joints.
  • Face masks.
  • Liquid soaps.
  • Mouthwash.

The Most Popular Series of Twins Tech Line

The products are manufactured under such trademarks as 911 Your Rescue Service, TANA, Bio Placenta Complex, Botanical. The first project helped the Company to break through the Russian domestic market (911 Your Rescue Service). Formulations of products in this line contain 40% of herbs and essential oils.

*In the line 100 herbs from Nicolay Maznev each unit is manufactured using formulas of well-known and recognized by people healer. His experience in treatment of joint diseases was a starting point for creation of a special technique, used in the laboratory Twins Tech for creating effective medicines for joints, spine, legs and lower back.

*Effective gel-balms for the joints are also presented in the line Natura Medica. An excellent therapeutic effect is achieved through the use of natural ingredients, including cinquefoil, larkspur and bee venom. *There is also a remedy for close wounds and balm for the feet. The line Before and After includes anti-cellulite cream and refinisher, creams for the hands, face, from age spots, from cracks in the feet, as well as cream-gel and lotion for problem skin. Many organic oils were used when producing the solutions, for example: shea butter + corn/avocado/castor oils. In addition, the solutions contain extracts of green tea, calendula, linden and sage.

The Company's Benefits

The herbs used in production are grown in protected areas of Siberia. In addition, Twins Tech works closely with French, Swiss and German suppliers. And this is just one of the Company's advantages. Other strengths of Twins Tech are considered to be:

  • Modern production base, equipped with high-tech innovations.
  • Modernized laboratory, in which there is full control over the quality of products and the development of new formulations.
  • High professional level of specialists working in the Company.
  • Perfect price-quality relationship.

The Opportunity to Be Promoted Abroad

All combined makes the products competitive, as evidenced by the interest of European countries. Many foreign retailers have already expressed the desire to represent the products of Twins Tech in their countries. Western pharmaceutical business owners also find organic products from this Company one of the best in Europe.

But it is not enough to be a good pharmacist. One should also be able to promote their products. Americans say that competent professionals of Twins Tech in cooperation with an experienced company, specializing in promotion of products abroad, can achieve incredible results together! Thus, it will be possible to think of long-term supply contracts.

The gained experience of distribution company Russian Shoppe Inc. allows Twins Tech to get used to the American market rather quickly. We do not just sell a product, but support our partners at every stage of cooperation. We will arrange the delivery of our products to the U.S. and solve the problems related to their customs processing. We are also looking for customers for successful marketing and promotion of our brand in America. The delivery is carried out across the United States.