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Each year people spend millions of dollars on skincare that they believe is effective. They are tricked by advertisement, make-belief celebrities who endorse different types of products, and favorite stores that offer them special deals on make-up and skincare that they have never heard of. But they don’t have an idea about skincare products that they have on their vanity or the ingredients used in these products.

Let’s take Estee Lauder, for example. This brand is known to use a lot of different chemical compounds in its products, with little to no organic ingredients. La Prairie is famous for its caviar compound, which is extracted from Baerii sturgeon, and is supposed to smooth skin. La Mer uses diamond dust that, presumably, does a better job at exfoliating than its simpler counter parts. The list is endless, but either of these companies is yet to prove to us that their ingredients work better than good old herbal medicine.

Russian Shoppe Inc. is ready to introduce to the US cosmetics market a brand that holds an ECO BIO certificate, awarded by the ICEA institute, and a 3 star certificate from ECOCERT – a very prestigious European certification agency that certifies all-natural and organic makeup - 3 star certificates are only given to products with 95% or more organic ingredients .

Natura Siberica is an all-natural brand of make-up that offers a skincare line created from wild herbs and other natural products found in Siberia’s ecologically clean region, where nature is not touched by genetic modification and has great health potentials. For centuries, Siberian plants and herbs have been known to have extraordinary antioxidant properties which enhance the body’s well-being and slow the aging process. Today, Natura Siberica takes these properties, expands them with newest technologies and turns them into state-of-the-art skincare line that can make you look younger and rejuvenated in just days.

Being a very young company, Natura Siberica has been developing and perfecting its products very fast. The company has become the first on the Russian market to make organic makeup and today, the name of this brand is well-known far outside of Russia.

Natura Siberica quickly became the dominant company on the Russian and nearby countries’ makeup market due to its use of all-natural components, strict quality control at all stages of production, employment of the best specialists in the area of skin care, creation of new high-tech prototypes, as well as the company’s products’ low price.

Compared to some of the products from the lines mentioned earlier, ingredients in Natura Siberica can only be found in nature and cannot be created in a lab. Natura Siberica products are very competitively priced, which in no way means that they are subpar to those of La Prairie or Estee Lauder, which can cost as much as $600.00! For example, Active Organics day and night creams contain Manchurian Aralia and Japanese Sophora extracts which promote circulation and cell regeneration, strengthen your skin and regulate its lipid balance. Active Organics anti-aging serum is made only from only organic extracts and oils and contains an herb

In order to extract the most healing properties, which make our bodies healthier and younger, specialists practically don’t use additives. This is why Natura Siberica has the ‘Active Organics’ stamp on its products: it only uses all-natural, organic ingredients that are hypoallergenic; material treatment process does not include any chemicals, so every vile and tube contains 95% of natural ingredients; the brand does not use any sulphates, parabens and sylicones in the production process. Additionally, all containers are also created using only eco-clean materials and are not harmful to the environment.

Surprisingly low prices of Natura Siberica products come from the fact that the company uses ingredients grown in Russia, thus avoiding importing costs, and spends very little money on advertising – once a person starts using and loving this brands, he/she will spread the word.

In 2012, Natura Siberica took part in COSMOPROF 2012 – a cosmetics exhibit held in Bologna, Italy – and was named the best eco-brand on the market. Many cosmetics distributors from several different countries approached Natura Siberica at COSMOPROF 2012 with propositions of cooperation. According to experts, this brand has great potential in the US as long as it works with reliable partners.

Russian Shoppe Inc. is such a partner for Natura Siberica because all we require from our partners is a quality product – we will take care of everything else! We will find and attract retail distributing partners, organize shipment and customs procedures, translate any marketing materials and set up advertising campaigns. Russian Shoppe Inc. has long been on the American market and has an ironed-out system of delivery throughout the country. We have a wide-set customer base, with a customer return rate of over 80%. With a partner like Russian Shoppe Inc. Natura Siberica is destined to become an instant success on the US cosmetics market.