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Lately beauty products consumers have been much more aware of and leaning towards organic skin care products. If you ask any modern woman what kind of products she prefers to use, she will answer that it is those that are non-comedogenic and non-allergic, as well as those that have no artificial flavors or colors added.   All-natural makeup companies have gained popularity among women who are conscious of the ingredients they put on their skin and each day we see such companies pushing those that opt out to use only chemically induced ingredients out of the market. One such company is a Russian cosmetics group – Concern “Kalina”.

Concern “Kalina” was founded in 1942 as cosmetics factory “Novaya Zarya” in present day Yekaterinburg. In 1992 the company was privatized and in 1999 went through a rebranding campaign, with the name change to “Concern “Kalin””. Throughout the years “Kalina” grew and continued to innovate natural cosmetics production. In 2005, the group acquired the controlling stake of a German company Dr. Scheller Cosmetics AG and started to offer its products on the European market. In 2006, Kalina International was set up in Switzerland to manage the Group’s interests in Europe.

Today, “Kalina” is a company that has years of experience in research in skincare and is one of the most dynamic companies on the Russian and European cosmetics markets. “Kalina” includes in it 15 different brands – from skincare for adults to foot care. The most popular brands under the Group are “Black Pearl”, “Pure Line”, “Silky Hands”, and “100 Recipes of Beauty”.

“Black Pearl” has proven that makeup, which takes into consideration skin conditions peculiar to certain age, insures the needed penetration of active components and has the maximum anti-aging effects. Years of research by “Kalina” dermatologists and their constant strive towards perfection allowed the “Black Pearl” line to become a leader on the market of anti-aging products. 

“Pure Line” is a brand that offers all-natural, herbal cosmetics for men and women. This brand also uses what the Concern calls “age programs” – a strict division between age groups and ingredients used in skincare for each specific group. It offers face, body, hand and foot creams, as well as hair care products.

“Silky Hands” has been voted “The best hand cream in Russia” and is used by one out of three women in the country. The brand’s popularity is formed due to its use of high-quality, safe ingredients, like shea butter, silk proteins and jojoba oil, and its pricing policy.

“100 recipes of beauty” is another all-natural, organic brand under Concern “Kalina”. This brand stays true to its statement that the best skincare components are at our immediate reach and uses organic recipes gathered from all over Russia, perfecting them with its high-tech lab equipment.

The group’s flexible price policy allows it to set low prices, compared to its international counterparts, while not compromising its products’ quality. Its continuous process of extensive consumer research and use of innovative ideas allows it to create brands superior to many similar companies on the market. On the other hand, the group follows strict principles of social responsibility and thus keeps its products natural and packaging environmentally friendly, as well as donates a portion of its profits to orphanages, senior homes, and veterans’ committees. Buying products made by “Kalina” you not only ensure that what you and your loved ones put on your body is environmentally clean, but that the money you spend will benefit those, who need it most.  


Since 2008, products created by “Kalina” have been dominating over 30% of the Russian skincare market. As if to validate this success, in October of 2011, 82% of Concern “Kalina” stock was acquired by Unilever, the world’s third largest consumer goods company, with a 2 million client base.

In order to win over a meaningful portion of the US cosmetics market, Concern “Kalina” needs a partner that has secured its presence in the country. Russian Shoppe Inc. is just that type of a partner. We have been working with the best Russian natural cosmetics manufacturers since the company was founded in 2008. We provide our customers with the best, most competitively priced alternatives to chemically induced skincare and have, throughout the years, built a loyal client base of over fifteen thousand customers, who trust us and keep returning due to the high quality of products we offer. As Concern “Kalina”, Russian Shoppe Inc. stays true to its values of high quality, low prices and superb customer service.