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Ancestral Knowledge + Modern Biotechnology = Fitosila

Fitosila is a young, promising and dynamically developing cosmetics & pharmaceutical company. The fundamental rule of the brand is using only natural ingredients. The team has successfully managed to implement innovations in the field of medicine and cosmetics, having created a truly high-quality product.

Modern laboratory equipment allows tracking the entire production process and providing strict quality control. Wealth of scientific and methodological staff experience and its skillful use have also contributed to creating a powerful brand and getting credibility among the consumers. Day by day, the accumulated knowledge base expands, and the range of products becomes wider.

From Traditional Medicine Into the Tubes of Fitosila

The company is distinguished by its using of truly unique natural components, that is bear’s, badger’s and marmot’s fat. On this basis, there have been created 3 body balms for the body - Sustamed with just miraculous properties. Thus, the marmot’s fat increases the elasticity of the skin and improves the circulatory system. Sustamed with bear fat accelerates regeneration of the body tissues, as well as heats the skin very well. The balm with badger’s fat has an analgesic effect, reduces fatigue and swelling, accelerates the regeneration of bone and joint tissues, and is used for prevention of colds.

Global Thirst for Organics

Today, when the world tends to promotion of all natural, no doubt that European and Western companies got interested in the products of Fitosila. A big plus of the Company is the use of efficient, but rather inexpensive organic components. Those fats are the main ‘point’, which costs a penny. Their unbeaten medicinal properties have long been known in folk medicine. However, a single pharmaceutical company could manage to successfully apply the age-old knowledge of ancestors. That’s what was stressed by the partners of Fitosila in Europe and the U.S.

Correctly chosen tactics to promote the product onto the foreign market and constantly updated catalog have turned Fitosila into a serious competitor for many major manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic orientation.

The brand has been greatly promoted to the world of opportunity by the Company Russian Shoppe.

We are not only a key link in the list of our partners’ distributors, but we also support them at every stage of cooperation. We have a developed system of delivery to anywhere in the U.S.. One can purchase the products of Fitosila in America wholesale and retail through our network, as well as at an online store Russian Shoppe. The delivery is carried out in the shortest time.

Overview of Fitosila Catalog

The company offers:

  • Dietary supplements.
  • Preparations with bear’s, marmot’s, badger’s and fish oil.
  • Bearish bile.
  • Medical cosmetics.
  • Weight loss and figure correction solutions.
  • Wellness teas and herbal combinations.
  • Magnetic therapy products.
  • Hygiene products.

The plants, which extracts are used by Fitosila, grow in clean areas of Siberia. Their untouched genetics has an amazing vitality. Professionals of Fitosila have managed to derive a formula that allows turning the potential of medicinal plants into the benefit for the human body, and prolonging youth. The company’s products meet high international standards of quality and continue to improve.